Health, Safety and Performance Manager
Wellness Specialist
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
10:35 am – 11:35 am
Lincoln Industries has operated a successful wellness program for nearly 20 years, led by a strong culture through the belief that wellness and healthy lifestyles are important to success. Safety and wellness work together to provide a comprehensive approach towards reaching high performance goals. The culture is fueld by shop floor workers who are empowered to communicate, advocate and lead. By creating Wellness Champions and developing strong Environmental, Health and Safety Representatives on the shop floor, Lincoln has created a network of strong leaders to move the culture forward. Managers and executives have a strong belief in recognizing leaders who can influence others to drive culture and performance. The development of carefully crafted experiences allows these individuals to collaborate and learn from each other while building trust. By integrating wellness and safety policies, programs and practices, Lincoln continues to advance wellness and safety performance.

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